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A Tribute to Richard Robbins

When Richard was hired in July of 2007, he wore two very different hats: that of Network Administrator and of Audio Coordinator. Though he will continue in information technology, he is retiring from his duties in the ABLE Audio Department.

Richard has been responsible for changing the audio department dramatically and we will be forever grateful. Because of his influence and ingenuity, many more people receive audio recordings today than in 2007 when Richard came to ABLE.

He inherited a wonderful team of volunteer tapists who read at home using the analog process reading into cassette machines. But the technology and recording process was changing dramatically at a national level. It was essential for us to shift production to soar into the digital age, helping our volunteers make the switch from analog recording on cassettes to digital recording. Then we leapt into national production by building our state-of-the-art ABLE Sound Center. This exponentially and dramatically increases the number of people across the country who can access our recordings.

We owe much to Richard for his initiative and forward thinking. Thank you so much, Richard!

We wish you all the best, Richard!

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