Tactile Services

Tactile transcription produces raised line drawings that can be felt and understood with fingers.

Tactiles are raised line drawings that can be felt and understood with the fingers. Imagine, for example, trying to understand the chemical formula for methane without being able to see the diagram in your textbook. ABLE’s staff and volunteers create tactile diagrams to ensure that blind students have a level playing field and an equal chance at learning. Our tactile materials are embossed on standard braille paper or “swell” (microcapsule) paper to ensure ease of readability.

ABLE saved me… Diagrams of molecular structures, the Pythagorean theorem, the digestive tract of a worm, tests and worksheets in Spanish—these are just a few of the things ABLE prepares for me. It means so much to me; because I know what it feels like not to have what I need. ABLE has supported me so much.

 Xin Ju Hippe | student at Rufus King High School

Our tactile team produces:

  • Math tables, graphs, and charts
  • Science illustrations
  • Engineering diagrams
  • Maps
  • Depictions of exhibits at the Milwaukee Public Museum

Help ensure a level playing field for blind students.

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