Meet the people of ABLE — a talented and dedicated group working together to provide alternative ways for people with print disabilities to read.

Cheryl Orgas

Executive Director
At the helm of ABLE since 2007, Cheryl is a lifelong recipient of ABLE services and is so privileged to be giving back to the community through her strong and vibrant leadership. She brings to ABLE a strong background in management, collaboration and volunteer coordination.

Karen Duerr

Office Manager
With ABLE since 2016, Karen brings over 12 years of office experience, strong organizational skills and a willingness to take on a challenge.

Matthew Scholtes

Tactile and Production Manager
With ABLE since 2007, Matt brings tremendous initiative and creativity, and single-handedly developed a complex and diverse tactile program to add to our array of services.

Claire Egan

Braille Manager
With 37 years of experience as a teacher of the visually impaired, Claire joined the ABLE team in 2012. She brings a strong commitment to braille literacy and understands its importance for blind children and adults. She has amazing coaching skills and an in-depth understanding of braille. She is fondly known as the Braille Whisperer.

Sean Paulson

Tactile Assistant
With ABLE since 2012, Sean brings a strong knowledge of math, science, drawing and attention to detail, thus creating amazing tactiles that are put in the hands of blind and visually impaired children every single day.

Shawn Brimley

Braille Assistant
With ABLE since 2017, Shawn adeptly balances speed and accuracy with the use of Optical Character Recognition software to bring images of typed, handwritten or printed text into a word-processing editable format. His hard work enables a greater organizational capacity to produce Braille and Large Print documents.

Meghan Swanson

Braille Production Manager 

Stephen Strupp

Audio Manager     

Timothy Turton

Audio Specialist

Amy Rosiewski

Intake Coordinator & Tactile Transcriber

Janet Kiekhofer

Braille Assistant



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