Current Volunteer Opportunities

Position: OCR Text Editor Volunteer

Description: Would you like to help ensure equal access to print materials for children and adults with print disabilities?  Would you enjoy the challenge of correcting an editable Word document to match the original print?  With your help, ABLE can more quickly convert print into braille and audio formats, so that blind children and adults can have equal access to a world of information.

On-site volunteers will learn to use the program “ABBYY FineReader” to perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on images of print. At-home volunteers will just edit the Word document output from ABBYY to match the original text (saved as a PDF file).  Many assignments may have tight deadlines so that students can receive their school assignments at the same time as their sighted peers.

It’s a perfect opportunity for retirees or persons with time to volunteer from home.


  • Must be computer literate and, if volunteering from home, have easy access to a computer with Microsoft Word, Acrobat viewer and access to the internet/email
  • Must be organized and careful with regards to computer files and file management
  • Knowledge of foreign languages is a major plus
  • Strong proofreading skills, attention to detail and a “perfectionist” attitude
  • Strong problem solving skills

Time Commitment: Time commitment of 3-5 hours/week for a duration of at least four months.

Training: Training will be provided.

Location: At home, or at our office in the Central Library Building in downtown Milwaukee.

Studio Engineer (On-site)


Share your audio engineering/computer skills with those who are blind, visually impaired or print disabled! Seeking dedicated volunteers to engineer simple recording sessions in our professional studio environment. This entails operating recording software, following along in a text as it is being read, and making minor edits to recorded files, as necessary. Qualified individuals will be proficient computer users, familiar or open to learning simple audio editing techniques in a typical DAW program (such as ProTools, Cuebase or Audacity), comfortable working as a team with our volunteer readers and committed to finishing projects in a timely manner.


• Adult (18+ Years)
• Some experience with digital audio recording/editing preferred
• Must be able to effectively communicate with volunteer readers and guide them through recording sessions as necessary
• Ability to troubleshoot technical problems that may arise during a recording session
• Must possess a positive attitude and the patience it takes to record an audio book

Time Commitment:

Time commitment of 4-6 hours/week at our downtown Milwaukee studios.


Upon acceptance to the program, training will be provided at our studios at the Central Library Building in downtown Milwaukee.


Braille Transcriber


Are you interested in learning something new? Do you like a challenge? Braille is a fascinating code that will keep you interested and challenged.


• Adult (18+ Years)
• A high school diploma or equivalent
• A resident of Milwaukee or Southeast Wisconsin
• Must own a PC and be have basic computer skills – experience with Windows and knowledge of basic file management
• A good knowledge of English
• Able to read standard size print
• Attention to detail and a “perfectionist” attitude
• Strong problem solving skills
• Able to complete training and certification (see below)
• Long-term commitment (at least 12 months)

Time Commitment:

This is an ongoing and long-term commitment. We ask a minimum of 8 hours per week, ongoing, with more time required if Library of Congress certification is necessary.


Certification by The Library of Congress will be required for this position. We can help you sign up for their online course.


At home, or at our office in the Central Library Building in downtown Milwaukee.