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Braille Transcription Certification

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Braille Transcriber, click here.

We’re interested in your progress through the braille transcriber course! Please contact us after you have completed lesson 3.  Email to email our Braille Production Manager.


NLS Certified Braille Transcriber

Description: Enjoy the challenge of transcribing materials into braille for children and adults who are blind. With your help, children and adults who are blind can lead more productive and independent lives. Transcribe a variety of print materials into braille such as textbooks, computer manuals, library books and other educational material. Transcribe into braille short-term requests such as newsletters, children’s books, menus, and playbills. It’s a perfect opportunity for retirees or persons with time to volunteer at home.

• Adult (18 + Years)
• Library of Congress certification in Unified English Braille (UEB)
• A high school diploma or equivalent
• A resident of the United States of America
• Must have basic computer skills, including file management
• A working knowledge of the English language
• Attention to detail and a “perfectionist” attitude
• Strong problem solver
• Self-motivated, independent worker

Time Commitment: This is a long-term commitment, a minimum of 8 hours per week for at least 12 months.

Location: At home, or at our office in the Central Library Building in downtown Milwaukee.



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