Braille Services

As the only recognized braille transcription service in Southeastern Wisconsin, ABLE has the staff, the technology, and a cadre of dedicated volunteers who can provide blind and visually impaired children and adults with brailled materials. Our final products are produced in Unified English Braille (UEB), bound and embossed, and then sent through the mail. It is also possible to produce files that can be sent via computer through a secure file share.

Books transcribed into braille are entered on a national database so they can be reproduced for recipients not only in Wisconsin, but across the country.

Having my book The Christmas Carriage and Other Writings of the Holiday Season in both audio and braille is certainly a dream-come-true—thanks to the staff and volunteers of ABLE. With my heartfelt appreciation,

Alice Massa

Samples of work our braillists produce include:

  • Daily math, science, and reading materials
  • Foreign language materials for students including German, Spanish and Latin
  • Adult and children’s library books
  • Dual vision books for blind or sighted parents to read with their blind or sighted children
  • Adult educational and professional materials
  • Medical forms, handouts, and other crucial health-related materials
  • Brailled restaurant menus
  • Personal requests, including greeting cards, maps, and family memoirs
  • Recreational materials, including newsletters, playbills, and symphony programs.

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