Service Fees

Thanks to the generosity of our skilled volunteers, we're able to keep costs for services accessible.

Pricing for Services

We do charge for services, although we charge considerably less than what it costs us, even with the help of our many dedicated volunteers.


Individual Pricing

Individuals with a qualified print disability pay no more than the purchase price of the magazine or book, with a $5 minimum order. Please provide a receipt if possible. Rush orders may be done, as possible, at twice the usual price.


Organizational Pricing

If you are ordering on behalf of an organization, and not for personal use, the pricing is as follows. There is a $35 minimum order price for audio projects and a $5 minimum order price for braille projects.


Digital Audio Orders:

  • $12 per digital cartridge.
  • Projects: $35 per hour spent in our studio working on the project, with a minimum 1 hour fee.
  • Rush orders are twice the usual price.

For Braille Orders (Advanced Materials Pricing):

  • Braille: 60¢ per braille page (Advanced: $1/page)
  • Clear Adhesive Labels: $1.80 per page (Advanced: $3/page)
  • Tactile Diagrams: $1.80 per page (Advanced: $3/page)
  • Binding: $1.80 per volume (Advanced: $3/volume)
  • Rush Orders: Twice the usual price
  • Special Projects: $50 per hour, pending review of materials

For All Orders

  • Rush orders are double the regular price.
  • There is a $5 minimum per order.
  • Special Projects are $50 per hour, pending review of materials.

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