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It’s All Because of You!

Matt Scholtes, Tactile and Production Manager, proudly displaying our state-of-the-art high speed braille embosser.

In July we put out a special plea for your help in funding our much needed high speed embosser and our new tactile embosser, and you rose to the occasion. Our heartfelt thanks to the sixty individuals, the ConocoPhillips Corporation, the L.E. Phillips Family Foundation, Inc. and the Forest County Potawatomi Foundation, for your generosity, which allows us to continue this essential aspect of our services.

Braille embossers are the final step in the braille production process. They are, essentially, printers that turn the hard work of our staff and volunteers into the formats that are used by our blind recipients, both adults and children. Our new high speed embosser produces hard copy braille eight times faster than our previous embossers! And our new tactile embosser allows us to produce materials such as maps, mathematical graphs, molecular structures, and other technical depictions much more quickly.

Matt Scholtes, sporting a big smile as he demonstrates the new tactile embosser.

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