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But Many Volunteers Do Live Locally

Audio volunteer Dave Raasch recording at home.Besides keeping our studio and long-distance readers busy, we still keep our home readers busy with requests from individuals locally and throughout the country as well. Many of our home audio readers will be getting an award this year.




Tom LittelmannOur studio reader, Tom Littelmann, comes in twice a week, has read over sixteen books and is the first studio reader to receive a service award.

Here is Betsy Comstock’s comment about one of the books Tom read:

“To the man who recorded Ill Met by Moonlight for me: Thank you so much. What a wonderful gift. I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. listening. I relived the experiences described in the book and my own experiences as an archaeologist in Crete. I climbed Mt. Ida in the daytime, without German patrols nearby, only a few shepherds. Thank you for your brave efforts with all of the Greek names for people and places in the book.”

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