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Beneath the Flames Recorded at ABLE by Author Greg Renz

We are celebrating the release of Beneath the Flames, a book read in ABLE’s Sound Center by its Wisconsin author Greg Renz. Beneath the Flames is a coming-of-age love story and a clear-eyed, heartbreaking perspective of life in the inner city. The divisive issues of race and poverty and the clash of rural and urban values are explored and dissected with great skill and sensitivity.

Greg’s audio book is available not only through the Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library for blind and print disabled individuals, but is also available to the public through Audible and through Greg’s website: Non-subscribers to Audible can purchase the download; subscribers can download it for free as one of their selections as part of their monthly Audible agreement.

For nonsubscribers to Audible, Amazon is offering a free one-month membership where the audiobook can be downloaded for free. There is no requirement to subscribe after the one-month free trial.

“Beneath the Flames by Gregory Lee Renz is a mesmerizing story that brims with life and humanity, a story that explores themes of race, love, family, and an adventure within the firefighting department. The prose is gorgeous and, from the very beginning, the author had me captivated by the wonderful imagery and the lyrical nature of the story.” —Readers’ Favorite Five-Star Review.

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