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Catholic Community Foundation Supports ABLE

For the last five years consecutively, Audio & Braille Literacy Enhancement, (ABLE), has received an annual grant from the Catholic Community Foundation. The Catholic Community Foundation (, is making a difference in the lives of blind and visually impaired children by giving these children an equal playing field in which to participate fully in their academic classes through having braille materials at the same time as their sighted peers.

As one of these students says:

“ABLE has provided innumerable services for me over the years. As a junior, I find myself relying on them more and more for class material. They print tactiles and do Nemeth for my algebra II / Trigonometry class, books of tactiles for biology, books of Latin text… But they also braille things for me that aren’t directly related to my academic performance, such as the math packets for Academic Decathlon. When I came to Rufus King High School two years ago, ABLE provided me with a booklet of maps of the different floors of the school, and a personal letter. ABLE has always been there for me, and this year is no exception.”

Thank you to the Catholic Community Foundation for your generosity.

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