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Real Kids — Real Impact

By Kaitlyn Hein, editor with Orange Hat Publishing


The Bardet-Biedl Syndrome Wisconsin Lions Camp was enjoyed by many!

The first-ever Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (BBS) Wisconsin Lions Camp was held this summer in Roshalt, Wisconsin. The week-long event was hosted by the Marshfield Clinic, the only clinic that specializes in BBS, along with Dr. Haws and his team. People from across the world gathered in small-town Wisconsin for support, advocacy, and medical care.

With the inception of this camp, Gnat & Corky, author and illustrator duo, were invited to attend and speak about their book Will It. Released in early 2019, Will It shares the story about a young man named Will from Antioch, Illinois. Will speaks about going after your dreams and facing your fears to live your purpose, no matter what may get in your way. The published duo left the experience inspired, humbled, and grateful for the opportunity. They also felt immense gratitude for Dr. Haws and his team, who are making a difference in the lives of the beautiful families and kids that attended. Because of this camp, many families were able to purchase their first braille book, opening up a door to literature that wasn’t there before. Without ABLE, Gregg Wandsneider could not have read Will It in braille.

Gregg Wandsneider reading Will It in braille

Shannon Ishizaki, founder and owner of Orange Hat Publishing, shared: “It was such a fun experience helping Gnat & Corky put Will It into braille. Also, the team at ABLE was incredible to work with! Even in the midst of a remodel, they were still able to find time to call me and print our books in braille. They are a very dedicated team. Thank you!”

“Our ABLE Team was so proud to be able to be a part of making this book available to blind children all over the country. And it is so cool that there was a gathering at Lion’s Camp for we also made a tactile map for the Lion’s Camp Campus.” –Cheryl Orgas



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